Aloha, from the sun shiny paradise of Honolulu. I grow, live and breathe crafting. My grandmother taught me to sew at an early age of 5, finished a degree in Architecture. I am a self taught jewelry designer and from various hand's on and online classes in jewelry making.
Looking back, one summer day of 2001, in my daughters ballet class, her teacher ask if we can sell something to raise some funds. I give her a beaded bobbi clip and that's how the door to beading open for me.
I create one jewelry at a time with special attention to details and mindful of the style that you're wearing a work of art that only you have it. Doesn't it make you feel awkward to see someone wearing same accessory like you?
My passion for crafting and jewelry making is a treasure I hold close to my heart because it allowed me to enjoy the growing years of my two girls, that's how I came up with my company name "Kraftouch Treasures". I believe that every single handmade jewelry conveys the uniqueness of an individual.

Jewels with Style-Handcrafted with Aloha

Welcome to Kraftouch Treasures A one stop shop for “Handcrafted with Aloha” beaded jewelry and leis, all made in Hawaii.
I take pleasure in providing you special pieces that aren't mass produced so many of my pieces are one of a kind or of limited quantity. What you see that is pictured here is exactly the same item that you will receive they are ready to be shipped. Mahalo for stopping by. We welcome custom design and multiple ordering, email us.